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FB, IG, Google, Amazon

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Search Product Ads, Search Text Ads, Images, YouTube, Gmail, Discovery, and the Display Network
Facebook Cataloug
Facebook Feeds, Stories and Reels, Marketplace, In-stream ads for videos and reels, Search results, Messenger Stories &and Audience Network
Instagram Shopping
Instagram feed, Instagram Reels, Search results and Instagram Explore
Amazon sponsored products shopping results, product pages in both desktop and mobile

“Love managing all my shopping ads budget in one spot, never overspending and saving money by picking the cheapest channel. It's fantastic!”

Harry Salva, Marketing Manager
Can't believe how easy ADXL made my life! It's like a magic trick, handling Google, Facebook, & Amazon ads all at once.Seeing what sells best where has never been easier!.
Marketing Manager
Online Furniture Store
AI for ad copy

Maximized Exposure & ROI.

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Build Connected Campaigns

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  Increase Channel Visibility. Streamline & Grow Revenue.

A Deep Dive

 into Shopping Ads Best Practices and Usage Tips.

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