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15 years of marketing, SaaS & AI experience

Combined with 1.5 billion user interaction data.

Backed by digital marketing expertise

Data Experience and Knowledge

 of global digital marketing combined and crafted to a cutting edge AI based automated business success tool.
ADXL was founded by Digital Media Solutions AU Pty Ltd, an Australian-based performance digital company with 15 years of experience globally. We combined our expertise and data to create ADXL, the ultimate marketing tool to help marketers succeed.
Our Story
Reached and engaged over 1.5 billion internet users in various campaigns.
* Across Programmatic, Social marketing campaigns
Conversion from campaigns helps to refine the predictive algorithm built for ADXL.
* Multiple conversion types across campaigns
Business Success Products

Our Successful SaaS Products.

Jun 2019
An AI-driven engagement platform for virtual and hybrid events that focuses on the B2B Trade industry and supports global sourcing events, with complete trading ecommerce and engagement capabilities.
Sep 2020
An engagement and interaction-enhanced live conferencing platform with real-time ecommerce, AI-presenter run live sessions, and
December 2020
A real-time virtual marketplace for the global supply chain industry that connects importers and exporters via video meetings with AI-optimized matching.
Our Team

Team working to make AI better

Akalanka Samara

Founder & CEO of DMSAustralia and O2O Events, Ad-Tech, Mar-Tech, E:COM, Programmatic & AI concept innovator and technology consultant with over 20 years of experience.

Shehan Jay

CTO with a passion for AI and human behavior. Previously led the O2OMeet AI-based video conferencing platform. Dedicated to the success of the company and the advancement of the product.

Katia Scheid

10+ years of industry experience and 5+ years of management experience with proven ability to streamline processes and increase efficiency. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for delivering results, ensures that the company runs smoothly and efficiently

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