ADXL's journey

 from digital marketing pioneers to AI innovators.


15 Years.

Forefront of the digital marketing industry
Digital Media Solutions (DMS) has been at the forefront of the digital marketing industry for over 15 years, expanding its reach to cover 40 countries and serve clients from all major industries. Our team of digital experts, stationed across the world, collaborated to develop a host of successful Software as a Service (SaaS) programs that included virtual event platforms, on-to-work events, and real-time communication systems powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our SaaS programs, such as auto-online and global marketplaces, both virtual and online, and online meeting marketplaces, gained widespread recognition and became industry standards.

Our vast experience working with telecom operators, offering content delivery platforms for their large user bases, and working with the global sourcing industry, operating across hundreds of sectors, positioned us as leaders in event marketing. Under the leadership of our CEO, Akalanka Samara, our dynamic team of experts from various nationalities and cultures led the way, promoting global events in a fast-paced and time-sensitive environment.

Future of marketing.

Our adoption
In 2021, we recognized the potential of AI and the need for a transition towards AI as a leader in the digital industry. We decided to incorporate all our digital activities and develop an AI platform to conduct digital marketing activities. The result was ADXL, a separate product born out of our 15 years of experience in the digital marketing industry.ADXL was conceived as a pioneer of AI technology for marketing. We began its development in March 2021, fueled by our belief in the potential of AI and the advancements it could bring to the industry.

We started building machine learning models and training an AI model to conduct advertising and digital marketing through our AI platform. By December 2021, we had incorporated over 15 years of campaign data, 5 billion data points from 500 million interactions, and about 3 million conversion data into our machine learning models. Our team of digital experts worked tirelessly to provide the best possible scenario training for the AI.
ADXL Market Ready

Marketing AI.

ADXL Platform
In January 2022, we started building the ADXL front-end user interface platform and connecting it with major ad networks such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram Ads, TikTok Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Twitter Ads through their APIs. Our development process involved numerous AI data engineers, data scientists, and data analysts from various countries, as well as a dedicated team of data verifiers and data handlers from different parts of the world. In July 2023, we incorporated Amazon, Google Shopping, Facebook Shops, Instagram Shops, and other e-commerce channels to make ADXL a comprehensive marketing platform for all digital marketers.
We are here now

Market Leading.

Helping Advertisers
ADXL, with its machine learning module, is now a sophisticated and user-friendly platform that combines all major digital marketing channels. Users can instantly run optimized campaigns through these networks. ADXL first hit the market in August 2022 and quickly gained customers. We predicted that AI adoption would become widespread by early 2024, and our goal was to have an advanced AI ready for this digital adoption process.

However, with the release of the GDP chart from OpenAI, AI adoption rapidly increased in January and February 2023. By that time, ADXL was the only and most advanced AI tool for marketing in the world, and with the surge in AI adoption, ADXL gained immense popularity and usage. Today, ADXL serves thousands of customers, helping them automate their marketing efforts and achieve greater profits.