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Enhance B2B outreach effortlessly.

ADXL streamlines outreach on the largest professional network.

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Simply link LinkedIn & ADXL AI creates tailored campaigns.
ADXL assesses all LinkedIn Audience attributes, picks the correct audience, pinpoints niche groups, selects ad types, and structures campaigns to achieve your goal.
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Linkedin Lead Gen Form Ads

Create a form in ADXL, link it to LinkedIn ads campaigns,

 and gather quality leads with pre-filled LinkedIn data. Easily generate high-quality leads with minimal effort..

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Audience by Professional Behavior, Not Personal.

ADXL is designed to build your audience

using a wide range of LinkedIn targeting attributes to match your goals

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Not Just Text or Images

Full Ads Speak LinkedIn's Language

ADXL analyzes data and generates tailored ads

 matches professional audience and LinkedIn various placements

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Pre-Grouped LinkedIn Segments
Collection of niche audiences in one segment, gathered from all attributes, consolidated for easy addition to your campaigns with just one click
Image, Video & Sponsored Campaigns
All major ad types are available to help you achieve your goals through Objective-Based Advertising, enabling you to reach over 950 million active professionals on LinkedIn
Tracking Without Hassles
LinkedIn Insight tags, retargeting tags, and event conversion tracking tags automatically synchronize with your website, making it seamless and hassle-free, saving you tim

Simplified LinkedIn Marketing for Amplified Results.

ncrease professional reach with ADXL.

Simply link your LinkedIn account and reach the B2B audience

A Deep Dive

 into Benefits, Best Practices and Usage Tips.

ADXL: Choose Your LinkedIn Audience Options