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Enhancing ad profitability with data, segment scrutiny, and interaction decoding!
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to achieve any business goal.
ADXL leverages Google's AI for ads and multiplies its force to build optimized campaigns that drive proven ROI and performance
  • Search Campaigns

  • Responcive Display

  • Perfomance Max

  • Shopping Search

  • Dynamic Remarketing

  • YouTube

  • Instant Lead Form Ads

  • Gmail

Deep  Keyword Analysis

ADXL AI analyses 10,000+ keywords for each campaign.

Choose the best cost and value. Set bids and match types to save hours on research.
Pre Grouped Customers
Interest level, keywords, Affinity, In-market, Life Events, Audience signals, and People, based on their search activity and downloaded apps are grouped and ready to add to your campaign for accurate customer targeting
Improve ads for better results and increased profits

Exclusion Makes Precision!

AI cuts the clutter! It weeds out negative keywords, audience signals, and app spots to laser-focus on your target. Less waste, more impact!
More AI-powered options to unlock the best of Google Ads
Discover In-Demand Keywords in Real-Time
Access AI-powered keyword suggestions ranked in real-time. Understand the current potential of keywords using direct data from Google, enriched by intent and volume insights from various sources.
Lean More
Ready-to-go Ad Copy & Ad Creatives: No drag and drop, no hassle.
ADXL will generate the complete ad copy and creatives with marketing-ready banners. ADXL will create variations of headlines, subheadlines, and descriptions. These will be automatically applied based on the placement and the target segment.
Lean More
Tens of thousands of complex combinations, and AI to find the ones that make you sales
Navigating through countless combinations can be daunting. With ADXL AI, delve deep into vast combinations, correlating the best mixes for optimal conversions. From bid strategies to ad rotation, analyze myriad options swiftly. Keep only what boosts your ROI, eliminating non-performing elements promptly.
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Precision & Efficiency

Set to Achieve

90%+ Optimization Score for Every Campaign.
ADXL is designed to optimize campaigns for an improved Performance Score. It evaluates performance scores, Google's recommendations, asset efficacy, and other factors. The goal is to boost the score, manage costs effectively, and enhance the campaign's overall performance

You Control, Adjust & AI Enhances

You know your market best. You have the control to adjust and optimize any part of the campaign easily in just a few minutes, and AI will enhance it.
Deciphering Keywords: Beyond One-Size-Fits-All Metrics

Easily add, remove or exclude keywords.

In minutes, find top-performing keywords with the strategic weight score
Keyword weight score, calculated in real-time by a proven AI algorithm, encapsulates a keyword's ROI potential, considering factors like engagement, cost-efficiency, and competitor metrics within specific campaign goals
All Google Interest Segments: Streamlined and User-Friendly

Include or exclude audiences by interest and groups.

and AI takes care of the rest, refining to pinpoint the best audience
The ADXL dashboard offers simplified access to all of Google's affinity and in-market segments, segmented by purchase intent, search terms, and contextual interest, providing the full spectrum of Google audience inventory in one streamlined location
All Campaign Schedules, One Place

Reach customers at the right time.

ADXL makes google ads secheduling centralised and easy
With ADXL, streamline your Google ad scheduling effortlessly. Whether it's Search, Display, or Performance Max campaigns, set distinct times and schedules all in one spot. Experience unmatched flexibility in managing your campaign timings daily

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Google Targeting: Select Your Audience Manually.
Boost Your Google Shopping Ads Easily with ADXL!
ADXL Boosts Your Google Ads Optimization Score

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