Audience Targeting

Google Audience Targeting Criteria: Manual Audience Selection

If you are looking to advertise on Google, you may already be familiar with the importance of audience targeting. With ADXL, you have access to powerful audience selection options that can help you reach your desired audience

Here are two important criteria for manual audience selection:

  1. Keywords: One of the most important targeting options in Google is based on keywords. You can update your keywords and use the keyword ranking assistant to filter the best keywords. These will be used only in targeting the audience across Google.
  2. User Interests: ADXL allows you to select from the full range of Google's audience targeting capabilities, such as detailed demographics, in-market, affinity, and life events. It's important to note that the user interests you choose will be applied based on Google Ads audience group availability for different ad or campaign types. For example, if the audience you selected is not an eligible audience for Google search ads, it will not be used in those ads.
All pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. Actual data and product may vary

By using these targeting options, you can create a more focused and effective advertising campaign on Google. Keep in mind that ADXL offers many other advanced targeting options to help you maximize your results

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