Generate Leads at Scale

Instant Lead Form.

Launch and manage lead ads from one dashboard

 across Google, Linkedin Facebook & Instagram.

Create a lead Campaign

Skip lengthy form building on each platform

and add customised ready-to-use pre-populated forms to your campaigns.

Complete & Accurate Leads

Pre-populated lists enable customer information on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Understand your customer’s name, interests, contact info, occupation & company, seniority and location
Mobile First Access.
Instant form development makes it easier for customer submissions. Pre-filled forms allow people to share their contact info from the ease of their mini mobile screen
One Easy Dashboard

Save the hassle of logging into multiple accounts.

Access leads from all your channels from one dashboard.
  • Compare ROI by channel
  • Download leads from Google, Facebook & Instagram
  • Measure Campaign Impact with Analytics

Power Up B2B Lead Captures.

Instant lead forms are the perfect solution for B2B lead capture.

 Make it easy for decision makers to share their interests and contact info with pre-filled forms that have their profile data.
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Retarget & Convert With Lead Forms

Use in multiple campaigns across channels

Retarget With Lead Forms

Launch retargeting campaigns across Google, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and LinkedIn with one lead form allowing your customers to return and submit their interests and info in a few clicks.

Link with Video Ads. Leverage your campaign with the power of videos by adding instant lead forms to in-feed video ads.

High-Quality Leads

Grow your business with quality leads.

ADXL is the only centralised instant lead form unifying platform in the world.

  Start your instant leads campaign now and maximise your growth.

Drive Quality Leads

offers & content.

Drive more conversions

by automatically direct customers to your eBook, Website or any other destination of your choice when submitting a lead form

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A Deep Dive

 into Benefits, Best Practices and Usage Tips.

ADXL's Instant Lead Ads: A Game-Changer for Digital Advertisers
ADXL Lead Forms: In Sync with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Google Ads
Manage Forms & Download Leads from Multiple Channels in One Place with ADXL
Retarget with Instant Lead Forms