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Marketing Options.

Pay As You Go Spend
Use Own Ad Accounts
Active Campaigns
Pay As You Go Ad Spend
Facebook Advertising
Google Advertising
Instagram Advertising
TikTok Advertising
LinkedIn Advertising
Twitter Ads
Instant Lead Form Ads
Customisable Lead Forms
Facebook Lead Ads
Google Lead Ads
Instagram Lead Ads
LinkedIn Lead Ads
E-commerce Shopping Ads
Google Shopping Ads
Facebook Catalogue Ads
Instagram Shopping Ads
Amazon Product Ads
AI Ad Operation
Ad Copies
Ad Creatives
Smart Budget Optmization
ROAS Optimization
Cross channel Optimization
AI PPC Bid Optimization
Campaign Types
Instant Lead Ads
Ecommerce Sell Online
Website Lead Generation
Drive Website Traffic
Universal Retargeting
Pre Grouped Audience Segments
Video Campaigns
Reporting Analytics
Universal Webiste Tag
Auto Install Pixels
Auto Set Up Google Conversion Tracking
Auto Set Up LinkedIn Insights
Campaign Level Analytics
Campaign Level Channel Comparison
Campaign Report CSV Export
Channel Summary CSV Export
AI Audience Finder
Pre Segmented Audience
Keyword Ranks
Radius Targeting
AI Retargeting List Creation
Auto Lookalike Lists
Customer Grouping
Email/Phone Matched Customer Lists
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Frequently asked questions?

You can get in touch with us on
What does the subscription cost cover?
If you have a subscription plan with ADXL, you'll have access to all the features within the platform, including AI ad copy content generation, AudienceXL automated audience filters, and Grouped Audiences. You can also have up to 100 users per one organization account and an unlimited number of campaigns.However, please note that custom lists generated from customer inventory are not included in the monthly subscription. You'll need to purchase them separately as a one-off payment.
What about the advertising budget?
If you use ADXL as your delivery platform, you'll pay for your ad spend in each ADXL campaign. All the channels will be combined, and you'll pay a single payment based on certain thresholds, like a maximum amount or a number of days. For instance, if you're a new account holder, you'll be charged once your spend hits USD50 or at the end of each day, whichever comes first. As your account becomes more experienced, the thresholds will rise automatically.

However, if you connect your Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, or other ad accounts to ADXL, your ad spend won't be charged by ADXL. You'll be billed separately for each individual ad account. For instance, your Facebook ad account will have its own billing cycle and charges, and you'll pay it as usual.
What languages does it support?
ADXL allows you to advertise in any language of your choice. However, at the moment, the AI ad copy, keyword suggestions, and AI audience segmentation features only support English. If you're using ad copy in a different language, it's recommended to use custom ad copy and set audience and keyword targeting in English.
In the beta version, ADXL supports 25 languages and will be available for multilingual users in the near future
Can I get a demo of the product??
Yes get in touch with us and we will arrange a demo.
Need Help Managing Your ADXL Account?
  • Need Help Managing Your ADXL Account? Let Us Handle It For You!
  • Onboarding Campaign Set-Up
  • Custom Creatives & Ad Copy
  • Lead Forms & Ads Setup
  • Customer List Upload. Retargeting Strategy & List Setup
  • Ad Creative Refresh & Performance Analysis
  • Help install tracking code to your website
  • Specialist Support with Chat, Call, or WhatsApp
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Custom Plans
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  • Best for agencies and organizations with multiple brands with multiple geographies
  • Streamlined Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok & LinkedIn ads management for large teams
  • No cap on traffic or reach
  • Flexibility to use your own ad accounts or ADXL ad delivery platform
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