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“we were able to instantly get the perfect copy for all of our ads. The results have been outstanding”

Sara Zahean
GL Exhibitions - UAE
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 Ad copy variations that match the tone and style of every channel
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    Focus on any benefits of your content, product, or service
Stellar, Conversion-Worthy Content in Minutes.

Just in few words,

you’ll provide details about the product or service you wish to promote and your industry.
ADXL AI will use this information to generate the highest-quality copy for your specific needs

AI will scan your landing page

 and extract relevant information that aligns with your product brief and target market.
Combine this information with other data points to generate the most effective and persuasive copy for your website.

Analyse the keywords using for targeting

 and past performance of the similar ads from similar keywords revealing the most compelling messaging for your campaign.
Using this information, the system will craft effective messaging ensuring that it resonates with your target audience and drives the results you desire.

ADXL Ai will tailor the tone, voice, and style

 of your messaging to match that of the channel. Utilizing emojis and hashtags when appropriate.
The system will ensure that your content is highly appealing to your target customers, increasing the chances of engagement and conversions.

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