Smart Targeting with AI.

Just set your goals and let ADXL handle the targeting.

 Achieve more with an unbeatable advantage.
Seamless Cross-Platform Targeting

How ADXL Takes the Guesswork Out of Audience Targeting.


Identify best audience segments

across Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Twitter.
  • Analyse best possible combinations
  • Gather demographics, interests, intent, and behaviour.
  • Identify patterns and trends

Create customer segments

that match your campaign goals.
  • 1
    Predictive modeling to forecast the best results
  • 2
    Filter out irrelevant, negative audience
  • 3
    Exclude, narrow segments or interest categories


Refine and optimize

continually based on the results, and optimize for better performance.

“Just by adding few keywords our ads got delirved to a precise segment we were looking for”

Mary Abraham
United Arab Emirates

“Now I don't have to spend hours picking audience in 5 ad accounts.”

Joan Matthews
Sao Paulo
Fine-tune Targeting with Ease

Flexibility to refine automated targeting

and identify the best target audience
  • 1
    Simply add or remove keywords, demographics, or segments
  • 2
    Connect with OpenAI GPT3 to narrow down optimal targeting criteria.
  • 3
    Regenerates targeting when refinements are made

More ways to smartly find the right customers with AI


Inteligent keyword ranking.

  Select better performing keywords .
Reach the right people in never been easier, simply provide few keywords about your product or service and target market and the AI will do the best to  the best customers among billions of searches in Google every day.

Reach customers when it matters.

  Identify and reach people who will care most .
ADXL will analyse various audience segment options across all platforms and generate universal audience based on their interest recent online activities.
Segment the best audience

Avoid overlap & monitor perfomance.

Customer groups based on interest .
Using multiple segmentation parameter such as interest, intent, past activity, similar audience combined with custom lists and ADXL will generate groups for each interest which will be used in targeting specific customers and track performance easily.
Target your customers

Upload your customers.

Reach them and build  audience similer to your current customers.
Using your existing data and targeting existing customers is much easier with a ADXL, You just have to upload only one list, will be shared across all channels and automatically generate similar from each channel instantly expanding your network.

A Deep Dive

 into Benefits, Best Practices and Usage Tips.

How does ADXL's customer targeting work?

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