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Laser target customers

  with retargeting-ready lists pre-matched with users email or mobile, from over 5000 sectors and 300 attributes and buying signals.

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Laser target customers with pre match retargeting list inventory.
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Demography buying intent, job title, recent purchases and above 200 segmentations.
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Discover Precise Customers

Based on your goal get a list of matching audiences.


Laser target.

Select the audience you like and add to the campaign.


Launch in one click.

ADXL will match audience across all channels and start a new campaign or add to your excising campaign.
Higher engagement and conversion rate for pre made list campaigns🎉

Curate 300+ Attributes.

ADXL will generate retargeting segments for users website activity.

Re-engage users through automated retargeting campaigns.

Recent Activity
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Buying Signals
300+ Attributes
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“We can specifically target purchasing managers in a specific city now and show them our ads, we spend much less now and we are getting 5 times more enquires.”
Sandra Zhu
United Arab Emirates
Reach precise decision makers

B2B targeting easier than ever.

 Don't waste money fishing for decision makers, reach them where they are.
  • Pre-made lists match prospects email or mobile with their social profiles
  • Launch a campaign just to reach those prospects
  • ADXL will build a looks-like audience and expand your opportunities

Built & expand on niche.

Add a pre-matched customer list to your campaign.

ADXL will automatically create a similar audience across Google and social channels giving you an enhanced customer base.

Recent Activity
Work Industry
Buying Signals
300+ Attributes
Start a retargeting campaign now

Precise & Authentic, Audience with accurate matches.

Match with email and or mobile.

All pre-made lists are matched audience with their email mobile or both.
Recent activity & buying signals.

Based on user activity such as contextual engagement, conversion pattern.

Get the audience your business deserves.

Ready Audience List.

Readily made lists to reach potential customers which can be added to your campaign in just one click.
400+ Attributes.

Potential audiences based on behaviour, interest, company attributes and buying signals..
Comprehensive Channel Matching.

ADXL will match your selected lists with platform users and reach them via specific campaign messaging

Best-in-class intent data and inventory.

Aggregate and segment audience.

  from 100s of major audience list providers to ensure high availability of audience for your activation.

A Deep Dive

 into Benefits, Best Practices and Usage Tips.

How to Maximize Remarketing with ADXL Audience Inventory's Full Potential