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Automatically adds event tracking, remarketing tags, and pixels.

  You don't have to rely on your developer every time..

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How Automated Tag Management Works.


Simple one-time setup.

add a code snippet to your website when you add a domain to Adxl.


Automatically publish & update.

Tags, triggers, variables, and custom events as required on your website.


Remove a domain or campaign.

ADXL will automatically remove all associated tags.
Say goodbye to coding headaches
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“We don't have to add pixel codes and other tracking codes for every ad account, all codes gets picked from our ad accounts and added to the website automatically, ADXL is a lifesaver.”
Christina Mason
SearchMeetings Inc
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No complex manual work.

One code on your site automatically creates lists across all channels and ad accounts.

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Simplifying Campaign Tracking: Say Goodbye to Code Headaches