Yes, marketing is harder than ever

Are you ready to own your market?.

Why marketing managers love ADXL

No Juggling Ad Accounts
Keep your ads organised and track them easily with one account.!
80% Less Work
With AI assistance, manage everything in one place – quickly and easily!
Better Results
Let our AI find the best value for conversions among thousands of complex combinations.
New Channels & Customers
Expand to new channels just in one click and reach new audience.
No expertise Needed
You don’t need to be an ad, coding, graphics or technical expert to use ADXL
A/B Testing By Default

Cross channel AB testing.

  Duplicate and launch in seconds.
Get A/B test results based on your test elements at the same time based on channel as well, which will save hours of workload and thousands of dollars in test budget spend..
Do more in one dashboard

Multitask with Multiple Brands.

Manage multiple brands in one account, add team members for each campaign.

Spend 80% less time in ad accounts.

More time to focus on strategy planing & creativity.
“We used to spend around $1000 each for Facebook, Google and LinkedIn separate and was difficult to keep track what is the ROI for each channel, with ADXL we optimised our budget to around 20% less and getting the same results as we adjust the spend for low cost conversion channels every campaign.”
Annabelle Porter
New Yorker Kunde
Smarter Budget Control

Never spend over budget.

Smart multi auction allocation to maximise the results .
  • Better visibility on overall budget and cost per result in each channel.
  • Reduce average up to 30% ad spend by centralised auction bidding.
  • Compare profitable channels for audience segments in one screen.
Don't need web developers help each time

Just one single code snippet on your website.

ADXL will  install all tracking codes and pixels automatically.
How much time
do you spend on
retargeting lists?

Don't waste time creating the same list in multiple platforms.

ADXL will generate the lists for you.

Explore new audience.

Hyper target with email and phone matched audience lists and build with similar audiences.

Hit your KPI every time.

Marketing smarter not harder.

 Tackle your strategy from a single source .

A Deep Dive

 into Benefits, Best Practices and Usage Tips.

Boost SME Marketing Success with ADXL