Unified Retargeting Across Channels.

Get customers coming back.

  Deliver the right ad to the right customer best time in the correct channel.

Retarget Not Only Website Visitors.

Often, visitors engage with your social content but not visit the website.

Our algorithm will separate retargeting for website visitors and platform engaged visitors.

Social Engaged Users
Social Video View Users
People engaged with ads
“I've tried other retargeting solutions in the past, but nothing compares to ADXL. It's easy to use, and the audience targeting feature is spot on. I've seen a significant increase in conversions since I started using it”
Hamila Mary
SearchMeetings Inc
Do More, Spend Less in Less Time

More ways than ever

to bring visitors back to your site and get them buying again.

Bring Website Visitors Back.

ADXL will generate retargeting segments for users website activity.

  Reengage users through automated retargeting campaigns.

Cart Drop Off Visitors
Lead Page Drop Visitors
Time Spend on Site
Pages Visited
Specific Product Page Visits
Start a Retargeting Campaign Now

Deep learning Powered AI

With our deep learning technology, ADXL  predict and find the users with the highest lifetime value and automatically generate remarketing lists and campaign for the best result

BYO your list Upload and match your customers

One upload of your data will create remarketing lists across Google, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and other selected channels and automatically created lookalike audiences, get added to remarketing campaigns.

Get the audience your business deserves.

Ready Audience List.

Readily made lists to reach potential customers which can be added to your campaign in just one click.
400+ Attributes.

Potential audiences based on behaviour, interest, company attributes and buying signals..
Comprehensive Channel Matching.

ADXL will match your selected lists with platform users and reach them via specific campaign messaging

A Deep Dive

 into Benefits, Best Practices and Usage Tips.

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