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Step 1

Share your goal and what you want to sell

Share your product/service details,

 landing page and leave the rest to us to create the best strategy.

Get Online Sales
Generate Leads
Website Visitors
Video Views & More
Step 2

Decide the right campaign to hit your goals

ADXL will create a tailored campaign and ad structure,

Identify the best audience segments to maximize your success.

Customers Targeting
Retargeting Goal
Conversion Goal
Awareness Goal
Step 3

Add our brand logo and any offers

Stand out and attract customer

 with consistent branding and special offers. Let ADXL help you create effective ads.

Step 4

Review Ads, decide channels & launch

Review and select the channels you want,

 or let the AI do it for you. Easily edit and update your ads as needed.

Select Channels
Set Budget

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80x Less Workload. Achieve Better ROI.

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