Retargeting Options with ADXL Retargeting Platform

ADXL's Retargeting Platform offers a range of options to help you engage with both your website visitors and customers who have interacted with your social media posts and ads. With ADXL, you'll have access to automated retargeting lists that allow you to effectively target your audience and drive conversions.

The Engagement Based Retargeting Audience lists include:

  • Social Engaged Users
  • Followers
  • Social Video View Users
  • People engaged with ads

The Website Activity Based Retargeting Audience lists include:

  • Website visitors
  • Marketing landing page visitors
  • Cart Drop Off Visitors
  • Lead Page Drop Visitors
  • Time spent on site
  • Pages visited
  • Specific product page visits

With ADXL, you can effectively retarget both your website visitors and social engaged audience to drive conversions and bring them back to your site. So, if you want to maximize your website traffic and reach your ideal customers, choose ADXL's Retargeting Platform today!

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