AI-Enhanced, Expert-Driven Marketing

Hybrid marketing combines AI, human expertise,

and unique tools for effective, results-focused marketing.

Your Complete AI, Strategy, Data & MarTech Partner

We deliver success with a turnkey solution that combines AI, strategy, management, creativity, data sets, exclusive tools, technology, development, analytics and support services.

Marketing AI

Your campaigns will run on ADXL AI, trained on billions of data points, and perform marketing tasks beyond human abilities
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It analyzes segments, sentiments, keywords, and thousands of combinations and correlations across platforms to reach, engage, and convert your customers at the lowest possible cost

Expert Team

Your campaigns will be managed by a team of ad tech developers and cross-channel campaign who scrutinize all major ad channel APIs daily
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Not just by individuals skilled in ad account interfaces but by our team of ad platform developers and cross-channel campaign experts. They meticulously scrutinize all major ad channel APIs daily, ensuring optimal integration with AI and other systems

Channel Mix

Your customers are everywhere online, and we have the capability and capacity to utilize AI-driven optimization for the best results
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This includes all programmatic, social, retail, digital TV, DOOH, email, SMS, WhatsApp, influencer marketing, voice search, AR/VR, CTV, blockchain, in-game, IoT, content delivery platforms, and countless other organic and paid channels

Tech Development

Successful marketing campaigns need a variety of assets. We will use our resources and skills to develop necessary custom assets.
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This includes applications, data management, interactive applications, portals, lead capturing apps, rich media content development, basic landing pages, plugins, sophisticated high-usage content discovery platforms, and AI interactive apps.


We will incorporate an effective data strategy in our campaigns, utilizing your first and second party data to turn anonymous visitors into prospects. We'll also use our own data sets and third-party data sets
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Including B2B, Consumer, Geospatial, Trade, Real Estate, Web, and Transaction data, as well as other industry-specific data. This approach is designed to reach and retarget effectively, and we have access to almost any dataset needed for this purpose.
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Stock Market Data
ESG Data
Alternative Data
Reference Data
Commodity Data
Currency Data
Fixed Income Data
Derivatives Data
Economic Data
Fund Data
OTC Data
Corporate Data
Bank Data
Location Data (including Mobile Location, Satellite, Building Footprint, POI, Foot Traffic, Map, Cell Tower, GIS, Geographic Data)
Ecommerce Data (including Ecommerce Store, Online Shopping, Online Marketplace, Consumer Review, Online Purchase, Product, Retail, Receipt, Seller, Sales Data)
Audience Data (including B2C Contact, Consumer Behavior, Consumer Spending, Consumer Travel History, Consumer Purchase, CPG, FMCG, Identity, Panel Survey, KYC, Import Export, Global Trade, Customs Data)
Real Estate Market Data (including Home Ownership, Property, Mortgage, Commercial Real Estate, Residential Real Estate, Real Estate Valuation, Urban Planning, Real-Time Real Estate, Real Estate Transaction, Rental, Parcel, Construction Data)
Web Data (including IP Address, Web Search, Web Browsing, Web Activity, Web Scraping, Web Traffic, Semantic Website, Sentiment, Domain Name, Clickstream, Social Media, Cyber Risk Data)
Transaction Data (including B2B Transaction, Sales Transaction, Consumer Transaction, Point-of-Sale (POS), Tickerized Transaction, Electronic Payment, Industrial Transaction, SKU-Level Transaction, Bank Transaction, Bank Statement Data)
Healthcare Data (including Hospital, Healthcare Professionals, Pharma, Medical Imagery, Medical Claims, Patient, Electronic Health Record (EHR), Telemedicine, COVID-19, Wearables, Dental, Lab Test, Donor Data)

Hands-On Services

We will handle all the manual tasks needed for your marketing campaigns. This includes data entry, data collection, web crawling, data research, data analysis and more
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Research, testing, influencer outreach, e-commerce product uploads, database building and see more below
Marketing Support Activities
Data Entry
Data Collection
Web Crawling
Data Research
Data Analysis
Competitive Analysis
General Research
Testing and Optimization
Influencer Outreach
E-commerce Product Uploads
Database Building
Public Relations Activities
Data Profiling
Data Validation
Data Scrubbing
Data Deduplication
Data Standardization
Data Enrichment
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  • An expert team that scrutinizes all major ad channel APIs daily
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Hybrid AI & Human Marketing. What It Is and How It Works?
Hybrid AI & Human Marketing means using AI for data analysis and humans for creativity and strategy. Together, they improve marketing outcomes.
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Hybrid Integration of Advanced AI and Human Expertise for Superior Marketing Results
Redefining Campaign Success. How ADXL AI Harmonizes Human Insight and AI?