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Are you thinking about how to use AI in your marketing?

AI for the competitive edge & Stay ahead of competitors.


Identify where, when, how

AI fits in your marketing & data.


Train Marketing AI

with your data & strategies its deployment.


Put the AI to work

and make improvements as needed.
For the best results, and reach your business goals 🎉

Beyond Traditional Guesswork 

AI-Driven Clarity for Campaign Success.

Traditional vs. AI-Driven Difference

Traditional approach

is manual analysis of landing page, data, market, keywords, with limited data & expertise.
With AI-driven approach, digital marketing AI analyzes industry data, real-time competitor insights, user behaviors, and segments. It presents best scenarios to campaign managers for optimal results, providing clarity on campaign strategy, targeting, bids, and segments..

AI at Every Stage For

Streamlined Marketing Lifecycle.

AI Revenue Optimization
Optimise all metrics to achieve maximum revenue
AI Shop Help
Find inventory products fast
AI Rival Watch
Predict clicks, bids, and schedules of rivals
AI Customer Involve
Easy tools to connect with users
AI Onsite Comm
Alerts, offers based on user actions

Why choose ADXL?

15 years in marketing and 4 in AI.

 No. 1 marketing AI, AI shop bots, AI live cast, and more, used by thousands of clients.

Avoid being forced to play catch-up.

Take action now

 and harness the transformative potential of AI before it's too late.

“ADXL custom-developed our AI lead collection system. Now, we capture leads and acquire quality customers with better insights, much more effectively than with average forms”

Matthew Gray COO
Zari LLC New York

“ADXL has saved me so much time and money! It has been easy to compare which channels work best. This is the best tool we have used for marketing by far”

Joanna Harris
London Customer