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AI-powered tools to optimise your Ads.

across multiple platforms in less time, with less effort.

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Reach the correct audience every time

Real-time data. Unified Respond.


Device and geography.

Audience signals and mobile-specific capabilities like mobile bid automation and geo bid adjustments.


Bid adjustments.

Regular optimisation of high preforming keywords for higher delivery.


Budget allocation.

Algorithm allocate budgets to preforming campaigns and channels to get the best ROI.
ADXL generally reduce your ad spend up to 30% and your workload over 50% 🎉
“Using ADXL saves me a lot of time, i used to check every single keyword performance manually but was not very practical, ADXL remove all non working keywords and keep adding converting keywords”
Sam Martyn
DMS Australia
Thousands of possible combinations and correlations in each ad
Manage Complex Combinations
Designed to manage the most complex campaigns with multiple combinations and correlations

Search & Display.

Analyse millions of bid changes every week. Our bid optimisation algorithm will apply new bids every single day based on your trending data to help you hit your target ACOS. Never wonder what’s happening with our full bid change history.​
Where the best ROI

Cross Channel Optimisations.

Identify the best ROI channels

for various suer segments and adjust the campaignsversierte Technologie-Startups.

A Deep Dive

 into Benefits, Best Practices and Usage Tips.

ADXL's Versatile Targeting Optimization Options for Successful Campaign
How Single Channel Optimization Makes Advanced Targeting Easy with ADXL
TikTok Targeting Manual Audience Optimization
Hand-Picking Your Audience for LinkedIn Optimization
Optimize Targeting in Google Ads

Best-in-class intent data and inventory.

Aggregate and segment audience.

  from 100s of major audience list providers to ensure high availability of audience for your activation.