Audience Targeting

ADXL Options for Hand-Picking Your Audience for LinkedIn Optimization

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for professionals and businesses to connect. With its extensive user base, it presents a valuable opportunity for targeted advertising. This is where ADXL comes in, offering specific audience targeting metrics to help businesses reach the right audience.

ADXL LinkedIn targeting combines the power of automated AI targeting with the option for manual targeting, giving users the flexibility to choose the most effective approach. With the manual targeting option, users can set specific targeting criteria to reach their desired audience.

The following are the options available for LinkedIn manual targeting in ADXL:

  1. Target by Industry: This option allows businesses to select specific industries to target with their ads. For instance, if a business wants to reach professionals in the finance industry, they can select "Finance" as the target industry.
  2. Target by Job Title: This option enables businesses to target specific job titles to reach professionals in specific roles. For example, if a business wants to target IT managers, they can select "IT Manager" as the target job title.
  3. Target LinkedIn Groups: LinkedIn Groups offer a valuable opportunity for businesses to connect with professionals in specific industries, interests, or roles. With this targeting option, businesses can select specific LinkedIn Groups to reach their desired audience.
All pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. Actual data and product may vary.

All the targeting dimensions included in ADXL are added to one group, expanding the estimated audience reach. This ensures that businesses can maximize their exposure and reach the right audience for their brand. With the ability to choose specific targeting criteria, businesses can optimize their LinkedIn ad campaigns and achieve better results.

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