Google Ads Optimization Score. How ADXL Ensures a High Score by Default

ADXL Enhances Google Ads Optimization Score by Analyzing Beyond Recommendations

The ADXL  focuses on detailed analysis and adjustments to reach a higher Optimization Score in Google Ads, aiming for a benchmark of 95% or more.

Key Points:

  • ADXL AI targets an Optimization Score of 95%+.
  • The tool analyses beyond Google’s direct recommendations.
  • It covers campaign types such as Search, Display, Discovery, Performance Max, and Shopping.
  • Analysis is grounded in real-time data from the Google Ads API.

A Closer Look at ADXL's Approach

ADXL offers an analytical approach to ad optimization, utilizing data to guide adjustments rather than solely relying on Google's recommended actions.
  1. Optimization Score Explained: The Optimization Score in Google Ads ranges from 0-100%. A score of 100% indicates that a Google Ads account is fully optimized in terms of potential efficiency.
  2. Detailed Analysis: While Google Ads provides users with a list of recommendations to elevate their Optimization Score, ADXL takes a further step. It examines these suggestions in conjunction with metrics, statistics, and settings available from the Google Ads API.
  3. Business Objectives Focus: ADXL is designed to align its analytical processes with specific business goals, such as increasing conversions or the conversion value. It uses data unique to each campaign, coupled with Google’s forecast models, to make informed decisions.
  4. Adjusting Performance Objectives: ADXL allows for the selection of specific performance objectives, including max conversions, max conversion value, target CPA, target ROAS, or target IS. This granularity in choice offers a more custom approach to campaign optimization.

ADXL provides a nuanced approach to Google Ads optimization, using detailed data analysis to inform its adjustments. This method ensures a more comprehensive review and enhancement of campaigns beyond the typical recommendations provided by Google Ads.

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