Instagram Shopping Ads with ADXL

Instagram is a fantastic platform for discovery and shopping. People love to explore, browse, and buy on Instagram. With ADXL product ads, advertising on Instagram becomes more efficient, budget-friendly, and effective. Whether you're advertising just on Instagram or extending to Facebook, Google, and Amazon together, ADXL has you covered

Connect Your Meta Commerce Catalogue

  • Easily Integrate: Connect your Meta commerce catalog to display products on Instagram's feed, Reels, Search results, and Explore.
  • Multi-Channel Management: Run Instagram and Meta as separate channels or together for best performance.
  • Tailored Campaigns: Choose from full catalog set or predefined product sets to showcase in your ads.

Save Budget and Reach the Right Audience

  • Smart Budget Management: Separate campaigns for Instagram and Meta to avoid audience overlap and manage your budget effectively.
  • Retargeting Capabilities: Target Instagram and Meta users separately for more refined and cost-effective advertising.
  • Optimize Performance: Analyze what product sells best on what channel and optimize accordingly.

Automate with ADXL's AI Technology

  • One-Platform Solution: Run shopping ads across Instagram, Meta, Facebook, Google Shopping, and Amazon in one place.
  • AI Focused Targeting: Enjoy automated workflows and AI-driven strategies to find the best placements for your products.
  • Effortless Management: View sales, cost per sale, ROI revenue in one centralized dashboard.

Remarketing Made Simple

  • Integrated Retargeting: ADXL automatically creates remarketed lists like website visitors, cart page viewers, and more.
  • Flexible Campaign Options: Run campaigns with or without remarketing, or combine both strategies.
  • No Hassle with Tracking Codes: ADXL provides one tag for your website, handling Meta pixel, Google retargeting tag, and more, without the need to constantly adjust tags.

How to Get Started ?

Getting started with ADXL is simple! If you have an Instagram page and a Meta ad account with a connected product catalog, you can directly link that Meta account to ADXL and begin setting up your campaigns. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Create a Campaign: Select a goal like 'sell online' and choose Meta as the platform.
  2. Select Your Ad Account: Choose the linked account with Meta commerce.
  3. Pick Your Catalog: Select the full catalog or create specific product sets.
  4. Choose Your Audience: Add keywords or select a predefined group.
  5. Set Your Budget and Publish: ADXL's AI will analyze and set up your campaign for the most suitable shoppers at the best cost.

Nearly half of people surveyed use Instagram to shop weekly. Don't miss the opportunity to meet your customers where they are. With ADXL, you're not only advertising but connecting, engaging, and growing your business. Get started with ADXL today and see how we can make your Instagram Shopping Ads more effective and profitable.

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