ADXL Facebook Dynamic Product Catalogue Ads

Take Control of Your Facebook Ads with ADXL's Dynamic Product Catalogue and Re-Marketing Solutions!

ADXL is an AI-driven ad management platform that simplifies advertising across Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping, and Amazon. Connect all your product feeds into one campaign with AI-focused targeting, automated workflows, and a one-stop view of key metrics.

Simplify Your Facebook Dynamic Product Catalogue Ads

Setting up Facebook Dynamic Product Catalogue Ads is effortless with ADXL. From connecting your Facebook account to choosing catalog options, targeting audiences, and analyzing performance, we've got you covered.

Product Selection Options

  1. Full Catalogue: Advertise your entire product catalog.
  2. Product Set: Create specific product sets for targeted advertising.

Campaign Options

  1. With Re-Marketing: Automatically target website visitors, content viewers, add-to-cart page viewers, and more.
  2. Without Re-Marketing: Focus on new customer acquisition.
  3. Both With and Without Re-Marketing: Combine both strategies to maximize reach.

Set Up & Launch in Minutes

  1. Connect and Select: Link your Facebook account, choose catalog options, and set up re-marketing if desired.
  2. Target and Publish: Select your audience, set your budget, and let ADXL's AI find the best placements.
  3. Analyze and Optimize: Review what products sell best and optimize across channels.

Benefits of Using ADXL for Facebook Ads

ADXL isn't just a tool; it's your advertising ally. Here's how it adds value:

  • Unified Platform: Manage Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Amazon ads in one place.
  • AI-Powered Targeting: Optimize ad placements with intelligent algorithms.
  • Flexible Options: From full catalog to product sets, with or without re-marketing.
  • Real-Time Analytics: Centralized view of products, sales, cost per sale, and ROI.
  • Easy Tracking: One tag for your website handles all tracking codes, including Facebook pixel and Google re-targeting tag.
  • Beginner-Friendly: Intuitive interface for easy campaign launch and management.

Maximize Performance with ADXL's Re-Targeting Solution

Run campaigns that resonate with your audience. ADXL's inbuilt re-targeting option enhances campaign performance without the hassle of managing multiple tracking codes. Whether it's re-marketing to cart-dependent shoppers or new customer acquisition, ADXL streamlines the process.

Shopping Campaigns Smart Budget Management

With ADXL, you're always in control of your budget. You'll use your own Facebook account connected to ADXL, empowering you with all the AI-based optimization features while keeping your billing through your regular Facebook account. Here's how ADXL ensures smart budget management:

  • Transparency: Know exactly how much you're billed and for what, all through your existing Facebook account.
  • Unified Budget Management: Manage all your billing across multiple channels in one campaign, giving you a centralized view.
  • Budget Control: Easily manage your budget without exceeding your limits. Set, track, and adjust your spending right from ADXL's platform.
  • AI-Optimized Spending: Leverage ADXL's AI algorithms to ensure your budget is allocated efficiently across channels, getting the most out of every dollar spent.
Ready to discover the new age of Facebook advertising? Dive into ADXL today and explore the difference tailored choices can make

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