Audience Targeting

What Is ADXL Grouped Audience?

ADXL Grouped Audience is a powerful feature that allows you to target specific groups of customers with your advertising campaigns. With over 5000 carefully selected customer segments available, ADXL makes it easy to add the right audience to your campaigns with just one click.

Grouped Audience is a collection of audience segments selected from available options on platforms such as Facebook, Google, TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The segments are made up of interests, demographics, and behavior, making it easy for you to target the right audience for your campaigns.

An example of a grouped audience targeting individuals likely to buy fitness equipment could be:

  1. Facebook - Interests: Fitness, Demographics: 25-45 years old, Behaviour: Recently added to cart items related to fitness equipment
  2. Google - Keywords: Home gym setup, User Interests: In market for fitness equipment
  3. LinkedIn - Titles: Health and wellness enthusiasts, Industries: Fitness and Health, Skills: Home workout
  4. TikTok - Interest Categories: Workout equipment, Interest Keywords: #fitnessequipment, Hashtags: #gymlife
  5. Twitter - Keywords: Fitness gear, Follower look-alikes: Fitness influencers, Interests: Active lifestyle, Conversation topics: Exercise equipment reviews.

ADXL got over 5000 pre-made grouped audiences like this, which you can easily add to your campaign in just one click. This saves you time and effort compared to manually creating and managing audiences from each individual platform. With ADXL's grouped audiences, you can target your desired audience more effectively and achieve better results for your campaign

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