Utilizing ADXL's Remarketing Options to Find High-Value Customers

ADXL offers cutting-edge remarketing solutions to help you find high-potential customers with ease and cost-effectiveness. With ADXL's powerful retargeting options, you can filter your audience on various social media and Google ad platforms.

The remarketing options available with ADXL include:

  1. Pre-grouping your audience based on specific interests
  2. Pre-matching your customer lists with data points like email, mobile, and other data points with social media and other ad delivery platforms
  3. Automatically creating a lookalike audience to add to your campaigns when available
  4. Advanced options to choose the best audience groups on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok.

With these advanced options, ADXL makes it easier for you to retarget your audience and find new customers, making the most of your social media and Google ad campaigns.

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