Understand the Basics of ADXL Billing: Flexible and Transparent Options

ADXL offers businesses and individuals the ability to run effective ad campaigns and track their performance. With its flexible and transparent approach, ADXL makes it easy for users to choose the billing option that best fits their needs. In this article, we will explore the two main options of billing with ADXL.
  1. ADXL as your ad delivery platform:This option allows you to use ADXL as the platform for delivering your ad campaigns. You decide how much you want to spend on your ads and create a campaign that fits within your budget. The best part is, there is no subscription fee required for this option. All ad spend is billed and charged directly by ADXL.
  2. Use your own ad accounts with ADXL as the management platform:In this option, you can use your existing ad accounts to run your campaigns, with ADXL as the management platform. All billing for ad spend will be handled outside of ADXL, and you will be billed by each individual platform. However, ADXL will charge a monthly subscription fee, as well as any additional fees for services or products that you use.

In conclusion, with ADXL Billing, you have the flexibility to choose the billing option that works best for your business needs. Whether you want to use ADXL as your ad delivery platform or manage your ads through your own accounts, ADXL provides a transparent and user-friendly solution.

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