Two Main Billing Options for Digital Marketing with ADXL

ADXL offers businesses two main billing options for their digital marketing campaigns: ad spend billing by ADXL and ad spend billing by your ad accounts. With ad spend billing by ADXL, the ad spend will be charged as a single amount with ADXL managing all aspects of the advertising campaign.

 1.     Ad spend billing by ADXL is a billing option that lets businesses use ADXL as their ad delivery platform. This means that ADXL will manage the delivery of the advertisements to the customers using its own managed ad account setup. The total cost of the ad spend will be charged to the business as a single amount, even if the advertisements are placed on multiple channels like Google Ads andFacebook Ads.

2.     The second option, ad spend billing by your ad accounts, allows businesses to use their own ad accounts and ADXL for advanced and centralized account management. This option involves connecting your ad accounts to ADXL to automate and centralize ad management with AI across one or all social media channels. All billing will be done through your own ad accounts, and you will have access to advance features to get the best results for your ad spend. However, in this case, you will need to pay a monthly subscription fee to ADXL.

Both billing options provide businesses with the ability to effectively reach their target audience through multiple channels, and ADXL's advanced algorithms and data analysis ensure that your ads receive maximum exposure and lead to increased engagement and conversions. With ADXL, businesses have the flexibility to choose the billing option that best suits their needs, making it easier and more efficient to run successful digital marketing campaigns.

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