Streamline Your E-commerce Strategy: ADXL Simplifies Multi-Platform Shopping Campaigns

In a move that is poised to change the game for online advertisers, ADXL now offers the unique ability to run shopping campaigns on Google, Facebook, and Instagram all from a single campaign. This breakthrough eliminates the need to juggle multiple campaigns and disparate target groups, simplifying the advertising process while increasing efficiency.

ADXL's new feature allows advertisers to specifically target one audience or group, streamlining the use of Google Shopping and Facebook product ads on Facebook and Instagram. The platform's support extends to both retargeting existing customers and acquiring new ones through product ads.

When creating a product ad, advertisers are presented with an array of options. On Google, AD XL facilitates product advertising by category, individual product, item, or even by the condition of the product, such as new, refurbished, or used. For advertisers using the Merchant Center, all categories available in their product catalog can be utilized for advertising purposes.

Facebook and Instagram, part of the Meta platform, have their own unique set of features supported by ADXL. The platform supports product catalogs and product sets, which can be created in the Commerce Manager of your Facebook Meta Business Suite. These can then be linked to your Meta account, Facebook ad account, and Facebook page, and can be selected as catalogs for use in the campaign.

To run Google Ads, advertisers need to have a Google Merchant Center set up. Products must be uploaded to the Merchant Center, which must also be connected to the ad account used for running ads.

The implications of ADXL's new offering for e-commerce and online shopping advertisers are significant. It provides a unique opportunity to manage key sales channels - Google, Facebook, and Instagram product ads - all in one campaign. This consolidated approach allows for streamlined audience selection, channel-based optimization, and product delivery, enabling advertisers to reach potential customers on the channels they frequent.

By leveraging ADXL's simplified shopping campaign features, advertisers can focus more on what truly matters: delivering their products to people when and where they want to buy. This streamlined approach to multi-platform advertising has the potential to revolutionize the way e-commerce businesses target and engage with their customers.

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