How ADXL Uses Custom Identities to Represent Your Brand in TikTok Campaigns

When running a campaign with ADXL in TikTok, the platform will use custom identities to represent your brand. The identity you choose is crucial as it will be the representation of your business in all TikTok ads campaigns which allows you to choose how you present your business in your ads.

With ADXL, you can create multiple custom identities in TikTok that can be based on your brand or specific campaigns. This gives you the flexibility to use the full potential of the TikTok platform in a dynamic and targeted manner.

Using a Custom Identity in TikTok allows you to publish ads without using a TikTok account. You will need to use Custom Identity to create campaigns Ads in ADXL as Non-Spark Ads. To use Custom Identity, you'll need to enter your Display Name and Profile Image.

By utilizing custom identities in TikTok through ADXL, businesses can create targeted and effective campaigns that represent their brand in a meaningful way. This allows for a more dynamic and flexible approach to advertising on TikTok that can help businesses reach their desired audience and achieve their marketing goals.

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