Audience Targeting

Google Ads Discontinue Similar Audiences: Impact, New Options, and How ADXL Will Optimize Your Campaigns

Google ads recently announced that they will discontinue generating similar segments for any new first-party audience segments created on or after May 1, 2023. This change will impact advertisers who rely on similar audiences to target their ads effectively.

With the removal of similar audiences, Google will use the corresponding first-party audience segments as a signal to optimize targeting and as a targeting criterion for audience expansion. However, different campaign types will offer various solutions to help you leverage your first-party data, reach the right audience, and improve campaign performance.

ADXL will adjust your campaigns to Google's alternative options and optimize them for the best performance. For instance, ADXL will enable smart bidding (auction-time bidding) for search and shopping campaigns. All customer match segments, including untargeted customer match segments, will be included as a signal in smart bidding models automatically, unless you opt-out of this at the account level.

ADXL will also optimize targeting for display, discovery, and video action campaigns. Optimized targeting looks for additional conversions by targeting people most likely to convert based on real-time campaign conversion data, such as what people who recently converted searched for.

In conclusion, the removal of similar audiences by Google may affect your ad targeting strategy. Still, with ADXL, your campaigns will be adjusted to Google's alternative options and optimized for better performance

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