ADXL Ad Video Specifications

If you're planning on running a campaign with video ads, ADXL provides the option to add up to 3 different video sizes to match the best practices for different ad formats

Here are the specifications for videos on ADXL:

To create your ad, you have the option to upload up to 3 videos of different sizes. However, it's mandatory to upload at least 1 video. The videos will be utilized by ADXL AI in various ad formats to ensure optimal performance

Video Sizes:

  • 9:16 Vertical
  • 16:9 Widescreen Landscape
  • 1:1 Square

Other Video Requirements:

  • Maximum file size: 100 MB
  • Recommended length: 5-60 seconds
  • Accepted formats: .MP4, .MOV

Video ads will be optimized for different ad placements, providing you with maximum impact on your target audience.

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