Adding and Removing Channels in ADXL Campaigns: What You Need to Know

ADXL is an advertising platform that enables you to run ads across multiple advertising platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Twitter in a single campaign. You can choose what channels to include in your campaign during creation. However, it is crucial to understand that once you publish a campaign, you cannot add or remove channels. In this article, we will explore the process of adding and removing channels from an ADXL campaign.

Removing Channels from a Campaign

Before publishing a campaign, it is important to ensure that all channels are functioning correctly. In the event of a failed channel, you can remove it before publishing the campaign. After removing the failed channel, you can publish the campaign with the remaining channels.

Adding Channels to a Published Campaign

Once a campaign is published, it is not possible to add or remove channels. If you want to add a new channel to a campaign, you have to duplicate the existing campaign and add the new channel to the duplicated campaign. Alternatively, you can create a new campaign with all the channels you need.

Duplicating a Campaign

Duplicating a campaign is an excellent option if you need to add or remove channels from an existing campaign. When you duplicate a campaign, you create a new campaign that is a copy of the existing one. You can then make the necessary changes to the duplicated campaign without affecting the original campaign.

Adding and removing channels from an ADXL campaign is a simple process as long as your social profiles and ad accounts are connected. You can add or remove channels to a campaign at any time, except once the campaign is published. Once published, you cannot add or remove channels from the campaign

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