About ADXL Billing Thresholds

When you run ads with ADXL as your delivery and billing management platform, it is important to understand the billing threshold, which is an amount that you can spend on ads before you are charged. This article will provide you with an overview of the ADXL billing threshold and how it works.

What is the ADXL Billing Threshold?

The ADXL billing threshold is a predetermined amount that you can spend on ads before you are charged. This threshold is designed to help you control your advertising expenses and avoid any unexpected charges. Whenever your ad costs reach your billing threshold amount, ADXL will automatically charge you for that amount.

How does it work with Ad Credits?

In case your account has ad credit, ADXL will deduct the ad credit first before charging your payment method. The balance will be charged from your payment method once the ad credit has been exhausted.

Progressive Increase of Billing Thresholds

ADXL will start your billing threshold at a small amount and gradually increase it as your account progresses. This helps to ensure that your billing threshold is in line with your ad spend, and it also helps you to manage your advertising budget effectively. As your account grows, you can expect your billing threshold to increase, giving you more flexibility to spend on ads without worrying about unexpected charges.

When you create a new account on ADXL, it will be verified by our system against certain predefined requirements. If the account doesn't meet these requirements, you must pre-purchase credit to use ADXL. In such cases, the account will not be eligible for post-paid payments

The ADXL billing threshold is an important aspect of managing your advertising expenses, and it is designed to help you control your ad spend. By understanding how the billing threshold works, you can make informed decisions about your advertising budget and avoid unexpected charges. If you have any questions about your billing threshold or how to manage your ad spend, please contact ADXL support for assistance.

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