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simplified & optimized with results beyond human limits across
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ADXL will create, distribute and manage your ads at peak performance, delivering sales goals with less work, less cost at the maximum result.

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80% Less Work
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Better Results
Better control to manage ROI with cross channel visibility
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Manage in one place, know where and what you spend
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Let ADXL know about your product or service, and where and who your ideal customers are
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Your Brand.

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  • Effortless ad copy with AI
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  • Flexibility to edit campaigns manually


Your Budget.

Set a budget, launch ads & control spend in one place across Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok & Twitter Ads

E-commerce where people buy

Search, Social & Retail Media Unified.

Google Shopping, Product Search, Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon Ads.

 . AI automates easy management in a single budget and compares all channel results in one place. No headaches!

#1 Revolutionary Lead Ads Automation

Instant Lead Forms.

Power of Facebook, LinkedIn and Google instant lead ads all combined into one streamlined automation.

Manage and automate one lead form for maximum results

Streamline Multi-Platform Targeting

More Ways to Find New Customers

Find more prospects with less effort

 with sync-targeting across platforms and ready-to-go pre-built audience groups

  • Ready-to-Target niche audiences groups
  • Reach identified and anonymous contacts with pre-built lists
  • One-click hyper-targeting with grouped segments
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Your advertising, your way

Hybrid & flexible.

Use your own ad accounts or ADXL ad delivery .
  • 1
    Spend on ads on your ad accounts
  • 2
    Link ad accounts, manage with AI
  • 3
    Combined ad delivery with ADXL in one account.
Control & Quality

Only trusted platforms.

Avoid fraud and low-quality impressions.
  • Reach a legitimate and engaged audience
  • Reduce wastage and increasing ROI
  • Transparent analytics and metrics
AI-Driven Technology

An AI trained on

7 years of ad campaign behaviour data.
  • Over 2 billion user activity
  • 5 million conversion activity
  • 200+ data points
No more retargeting struggles

Retargeting Built-in By Default

Lists automatically created across all platforms.

Saving you time and hassle of creating 100s of retargeting lists..

  • Site visitors both identified and anonymous
  • Abandoned cart & purchase journey-based lists
  • Social platforms & content interaction-based lists
One Budget. One Spend.

Smart budget management conveniently reaches your customers via cost-effective channels without manually optimising your campaign.

One Code Easy Site Tracking

Just add one code snippet to your website to handle Pixels, gtag.js, and more. It's simple and automatic!

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80x Less Workload. Achieve Better ROI.

Increase Channel Visibility. Streamline & Grow Revenue.

“The ADXL platform is incredible! The AI targets the correct audience and we’ve increased online leads by 30%. This is a must-have tool for any business”

Jonathan Harris Head of Marketing
New York-Trade GLE

“ADXL has saved me so much time and money! It has been easy to compare which channels work best. This is the best tool we have used for marketing by far”

Joanna Harris
London Customer